Lola García Cuesta

Was born in Madrid (Spain) , Bachelor of Information Science - specialty Journalism (Complutense University of Madrid) , and Diploma in Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts -specialty film and television Writer (College of Arts and Entertainment TAI). At sixteen she received the bronze medal for artistic merit (School of Decorative Arts in Madrid). Her journalistic experience has focused on both media ( she has been a correspondent , radio commentator , writer , director and editor of several programs ) as artistic and creative ( as director , and television and radio broadcaster screenwriter ,and voice talent , translator and adapter of dialogues in television movies ) , and in advertising (as a creative television spots and corporate voice talent). Her internal motivations have carried out various business activities such as organizing international leadership seminars and evolutionary development , and deepen in different disciplines and philosophies as Metaphysics , Feng Shui, Geobiology , Reiki, Rebirthing (conscious breathing ) , numerology , I Ching , Kabbalah, Astrology , Essences Therapy , sacred Geometry , Music , Dance and visual Arts .

In 2006 , she wrote and published her first novel, " Antakar , a spiritual tale".

Since then she has focused on his role as a filmmaker, writing a dozen of short films but not putting aside other work in film, television and literary field . She specializes in dialogues and proofreader . Her shorts " Do you love me ? " and "So, how do I tell her? " have been finalists in the 6th and 8th Producers and Writers Meeting within the Shortfilm week of at Madrid in 2011 and 2013 ( respectively ) . Lola currently is developing several film projects , with her seal " Antakar ® Films, Writings & Trainings " . "It was never a dream " is her latest film. You can know more about her work on this pages.


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