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<< The idea for the film came to me from another script I wrote for a Directing Movies workshop I did in the Factoría del Guión (Script Factory) , directed by Sebastian Alffie and Diego Nuñez. We were asked to write a script that was going to be shooted among all students, and mine's "Not now, " was the chosen one. Then Sebastian asked me to make some changes about the characters , so that first script became something quite different, took it's own life ( and we shootted it ...of course!) , and that first script became available.

A few months later, and now with my own team , I decided to shoot it. But as almost all the scripts that are not filmed are still alive, that first original began to change , and finally took a new shape with more content and purpose.

I have to say that the beginnig of "It was never a dream " is just the same as that first script. From that on, the story took a radical turn when it stepped in his quantum reality, unfolding in what is the ultimately story in which two parallel realities take form and are disputing the final result that the characters are choosing frame by frame ... The outcome, at the very end of it... rigth after the credits ! >>

Lola García Cuesta

Screenwriter and Director of the film

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